The Board has senior oversight for the Foundation. It concerns itself with the long-term planning and management of the organization. The directors approve the purpose of the Foundation, the budget, strategic plans, financial statements, operational policies, and the appointment of the executive director.  Board members are elected to serve one three-year term and may be re-elected to a subsequent three-year term. The elections take place at the Foundation’s annual general meeting in the fall. During this meeting, directors also elect a chair and vice chair who lead executive committee meetings.  The Foundation’s members elect a board of directors comprised of 10 directors, as follows:

  • Two directors from southern British Columbia
  • One representing northern British Columbia
  • Two directors from Calgary/southern Alberta
  • Three directors representing northern and central Alberta
  • Three additional permanent directors – King's president, King's vice president (who acts as the Foundation's secretary/treasurer), and a representative of King’s Board of Governors.


Members attend the annual general meeting in the fall. Directors meet twice a year, in the spring and fall, at the call of the chair. Committees meet as needed and at the call of the executive director on behalf of the chairs.


  • Foundation Executive Director
  • Foundation Administrative Assistant
  • King’s Director of Development
  • King’s Faculty Representative
  • King’s Student Representative


  • Executive Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Communication Committee
  • Grants & Corporate Donation Committee
  • Recruitment Committee


  • Henk Van Andel – Chair (Edmonton, AB)
  • Warren Elgersma – Vice Chair (Red Deer, AB)
  • Coby Benoit – Recording Secretary (Edmonton, AB)
  • Walt Brouwer - Director (Langley, BC)*
  • Marten Van Huizen – Director (Langley, BC)
  • Peter Buisman – Director (Edmonton, AB)
  • Jan De Jong – Director (Calgary, AB)
  • Clarence Weening – Director (Calgary, AB)
  • John Bakker – Director (Telkwa, BC)
  • Melanie Humphreys – Director (Edmonton, AB)